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CSUB Library Catalog

You can search for books about a particular author, title, or subject  and you also can limit the search by specific language.Here are a few other tips when using the CSUB Library Catalog:

Criticism and interpretation – add these words to the search box, change the drop down mean to “as a phrase” and change the second drop down menu to “subject.” In the second search box add in terms that you need criticism on, hit search.

Bibliography – finding these can lead you to more resources about your author or subject. Add the word bibliography to the library catalog search box, change the second drop down menu to “subject.” In the second search box add in author that you would like a bibliography for, hit search

Other Catalogs

Biblioteca Nacional de España – catalogues of the bibliotecta Nacional de Espana
Books in print, articles on Spanish literature, books on Spanish publishing, bibliographies

Catálogo colectivo del patrimonio bibliográfico español –  A union catalog of Spanish material printed between the 15th and 20th centuries, including holding information in approximately 500 libraries.

Libros editados en España desde 1972  – an online search for Spanish books.

Reference Books (for in library use only, located on level 1)

Spanish literature: Call #s PQ6001-8929

Potuguese literature: PQ9000-9999

Look in the NUC- pre 1956 Imprints (back wall of the reference area)

Below are links to some CSUB catalog book searches. Each time the link is used, it will also include any new books we have added.

Argentina literature (all languages)

Argentina literature (Spanish)

Brazil literature (all languages)

Caribbean literature (all languages)

Chile literature (all languages)

Portuguese literature (all languages)

Spain literature (all languages)

Spain literature (Spanish)

Spain literature (English)


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